VaultS is the First Hyper-Deflationary and Self-Sustaining token with a symmetrical buy and sell fee bringing a sense of balance to a hectic market.


What Makes This Token So Special?

Tap Into the VaultS Token

Rewards in BNB

Our reflection system gives 90% of the transaction fee back to holders directly to your wallet. The reward comes back as BNB (Sale) and VaultS (Buy).


With our new reflection system buy and sell fee we believe we will amazing utility to the hectic BSC network

How is the 3% Buying Fee Broken Down?

VaultS Reflections




How is the 8% Selling Fee Broken Down?

BNB Reflections





Our proprietary reward system is unlike anything you’ve seen

VaultDeFi dApp

How Does Rewards Work?

When you buy VaultS token you begin a 24 hour timer and $BNB rewards begin accruing in our system. Automatic rewards are put into a queue after the 24 hour period and pay out in order based on your line in the queue. It takes a buy or sell transaction (by anyone) for the contract to pay whoever is next after they’ve held for 24 hours.

How Long Do Rewards Take to Receive?

Automatic rewards may take several hours after the 24 hour period depending on the volume of buys and sells when your 24 hour reward period is over. As volume increases, rewards will begin to get paid closer to the exact 24 hour period. If you rewards aren’t paid at exactly 24 hours, your rewards continue to build.

Trigger Your Rewards Early

When you personally Buy or Sell, you trigger the rewards you earned for the day and your auto 24 hour claim clock starts over. If you want your rewards right away and do not want to wait send 1 vault token anywhere, like our burn address.