HOLD $Vault,EARN SurgeBTC.

Vault is the First 26.8% Auto Reimbursing, SurgeBTC & Vault Rewarding Token. It’s Hyper-Deflationary & Self-Sustaining. It Creates Compounding Rewards & Uses SurgeBTC to Provide Hedged Security & Interest.


*Dev consists of founders, seed investors, and team 1-3 year lock up

What Makes This Token So Special?

Tap Into the Vault Token

Rewards in SurgeBTC*

Vault gives 20% of sells in rewards as SurgeBTC. These rewards are given directly to your wallet. SurgeBTC wraps the value of Bitcoin with a guaranteed increase in price due to it’s proprietary coding nature.

Higher Sales Fee

There has never been a token with such a high sales fee, despite a massive demand from the crypto community to invest in such a token. We all are tired of the constant pump and dumps and want to find those true long-term gems. We believe that our sales fee combined with the SurgeBTC rewards is what makes us special.

Multiple Asset Choices With One Purchase

When you purchase Vault, you will receive 1 Surged asset of your choice from SurgeBTC(*default reward), SurgeADA, SurgeETH, SurgeUseless, SurgeUSD, SurgeXUSD

How is the 2.5% Buying Fee Broken Down?

Buyback & Burn


How is the 30% Selling Fee Broken Down?

SurgeBTC Rewards


SafeVault Buyback & Burn


ETHVault Buyback & Burn


Buyback & Burn





Our proprietary reward system is unlike anything you’ve seen

VaultDeFi dApp


When you personally Buy or Sell, you trigger the rewards you earned for the day and your auto 24 hour claim clock starts over. If you want your rewards right away and do not want to wait send 1 vault token anywhere, like our burn address.
*Default Reward