Meet our leadership

  • Jen

    Chief Executive Officer


    Jen is a Toronto based blockchain researcher, specializing in both public and private blockchain optimizations and integrations. Jen is currently working as a S&M Enterprise consultant for the Canadian Federal Government specializing in global procurement integrations.

  • DeFiMark

    Chief BlockChain/Technology Officer


    Mark is a Decentralized Finance visionary. He has strategically combined his studied knowledge of mathematical and technology trends to create original ideas that advance the strategic goals of the DeFi Space. Mark uses the object-oriented Solidity language to build and deploy Smart Contracts on the Binance Smart Chain & Ethereum based applications with many other languages and cross chain builds in his future visions.

  • Andrew Bond

    Chief of Data & Analytics

    Andrew oversees our organization's collection of data and its use to create analytics and business intelligence models. He is also responsible for the creation of data warehouses, formula data governance and management frameworks, and reporting and visualization tools.

  • Kyle

    Chief Executive of Vault Academy

    Kyle is responsible for managing The Vault Academy and supports content creation staff. He has established performance goals for The Vault Academy's personnel, content creators and copywriters. Kyle evaluates their performance and coaches them throughout the year to help each Vault employee perform at their best to create unique educational content for new and experienced crypto investors.

  • Shakka

    Automations Specialist

    Shakka develops web-based programs used to automate the collection, transformation and delivery of our company's operating data. As the discord community specialist he also tests the performance of operating systems, installs price updates, value checkers, and fun community games to keep investors entertained while enjoying the flow of the community chat servers.

  • Thomas Henry Johnson

    Legal Council

    Cowboy is the Vault “Gatekeeper” he is our investigator and advisor in all aspects of our business. He has advised on the staff, on regulations and structures recommended for ICO start up, commodities, money-services, and the laws pertaining to our tokens. Cowboy assists the Vault team in understanding and complying with cryptocurrency-specific state regulations, such as the Wyoming DAO And Texas Adoptions and the continuing USA regulatory framework as well as global resources for better protection in the future.

  • CryptSans

    Smart Contract Logic and dApp Developer

    CryptSans is the Vault teams development secret. He is a security and logic specialist with years of recommended improvements applied by many projects in many languages and on all major public blockchains. He was graciously recommended to the CEO from our security auditing partner CERTIK and the Vault team is blessed to have him as a contractor on our smart contracts and dApp. CryptSans has assisted the lead developer and the CBO with applications built on the BSC decentralized network and ensures that it combines our smart contracts with our frontend user interface to integrate the smart contracts making sure they are accessible and transparent.

  • CryptoGap

    Sr. Developer

    CryptoGap has been tasked with the main designing, building and configuring of the Vault applications to meet business process and application requirements for both dApp and Web components. He has been assisting in the directing of the Vault development and engineering team in the design, development, coding, testing and debugging of the many different applications Vault is using in its complex architecture. Writing testable, scalable efficient code and leading code has been his specialty and the functional content he provides the Vault team and investor community has been truly second to none.

  • KryptoGrind

    Lead Designer

    Bio coming soon