Liquidity unlocks & v2 in: 35 days 15 hours 38 minutes 1 seconds


ETHVault is the First 26.8% auto Reimbursing, SurgeETH & SafeVault rewarding token. It’s hyper-deflationary & self-sustaining. It creates compounding rewards & uses SurgeETH to provide hedged security & interest.


*Dev consists of founders, seed investors, and team 1-3 year lock up

What Makes This Token So Special?

Tap Into the ETHVault Token

Rewards in SurgeETH

ETHVault gives 20% of sells in rewards as SurgeETH. These rewards are given directly to your wallet. SurgeETH wraps the value of Ethereum with a guaranteed increase in price due to it’s proprietary coding nature.

Higher Sales Fee

There has never been a token with such a high sales fee, despite a massive demand from the crypto community to invest in such a token. We all are tired of the constant pump and dumps and want to find those true long-term gems. We believe that our sales fee combined with the SurgeETH rewards is what makes us special.

Multiple Assets With One Purchase

When you purchase ETHVault, you will receive 3 additional assets that are built into our VaultDeFi ecosystem. These include the ETHVault token you bought, plus SurgeETH rewards, SafeVault rewards and $BUSD by way of owning SafeVault.

How is the 2.5% Buying Fee Broken Down?

SurgeETH Rewards


Buyback & Burn


SafeVault Rewards




How is the 30% Selling Fee Broken Down?

SurgeETH Rewards


Buyback & Burn


SafeVault Rewards





Our proprietary reward system is unlike anything you’ve seen

VaultDeFi dApp


Your SurgeETH will be automatically rewarded to the same wallet you hold your ETHVault in. After 24 hours, you will be placed into a queue. Each transaction of ETHVault triggers the next reward to get paid out to the next person in line. Once you get paid, your 24 hour clock restarts. Depending on volume and holders it could take a few days to receive your rewards, but they are continually building regardless.


3% of every sell and 0.5% of every buy gets rewarded back to holders as SafeVault, the native token of our ecosystem. This will be a manual claim to save on gas fees as rewarding multiple tokens can be complicated and expensive without doing so. You will need to go to our DAPP (Coming Soon) to claim them at your leisure.


You do not directly receive rewards in $BUSD from ETHVault alone, but because you receive SafeVault rewards, you will also receive $BUSD. Holding SafeVault rewards heavily in $BUSD tokens. We offer $BUSD as a reward due to its stability and ability to be used to purchase many other tokens within the DeFi space.