Version V1 BETA

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Features of the Vault Rewards V1 BETA APP

Always Know Your Balances, In Real Time

The goal of our Vault Rewards App is to provide you with the knowledge and power to leverage your Vault assets to build a crypto portfolio that generates wealth. With our “My Rewards” section, you get a complete overview of the balances of your Vault holdings. This includes the value of your XSurge tokens.

vault defi dapp

A Growing Ecosystem With Compounding Interest

Unlike many tokens available, Vault Defi LLC is striving to revolutionize Decentralized Finance. Our ever growing ecosystem of tokens reward in compounding assets. While using our app, dial in to the number and holdings that matter to you most. 

vault defi dapp

Complete Control. Your Rewards, Any Time

At the heart of our ecosystem of tokens is a rewards system unlike any other. With our app, we want to empower you. While most of our rewards are automatic, the choice is now yours to claim rewards at the time you need them most. No more waiting.

We have taken this feature a step further by offering you with the ability to see a estimate on the cost of your gas to claim the reward. We believe this information is critical in allowing you to make the most informed decision on when to claim rewards.

vault defi dapp

The Power to Buy and Sell, All With the App

We believe in simplicity and providing you with the tools you need, right at your finger tips. Within our App, you can buy and sell directly. There is no longer a need to switch between browsers or other platforms. 

vault defi dapp

More Features Coming Soon

Some of our upcomming features include:





Auto Claim Rewards


Token Camparisons

Custom Share Features



We are Just Getting Started

We are so excited to bring you this V1 version of the BETA but, it’s important to know that this is just the beginning. There are many more features coming soon. Please remember as you use the app, this is a BETA version. There may be bugs and errors. This comes with using a BETA version. If you discover bugs and/or problems with the app, report them in our discord. There will be a section dedicated to these types of reports. Link Below.